Hot Chip – “One Life Stand”

hotchip_onelifestandReleased yesterday, One Life Stand is the third full length album to be released by this English electro pop group since their formation in 2000. Described by many reviewers as a clear sign of maturation by the band, this 10 track album is certainly much less of an oddball mash up of crazy beats and synthesizers which distinguished their previous hits. However, that doesn’t result in making their sound any less polarizing. If you’re into tunes that really stretch the boundaries established by music store shelves, this may be your latest ticket to aural stimulation from all angles with an especially heavy 80s bent. Those with more classic notions of when and where a particular sound should appear and how love ballads are composed however might be better suited leaving this album untouched. To hear a few standout tracks, hit the jump and see the links below.

Songs to check out: One Life Stand, Thieves in the Night.

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