Repeat Press | Keeping A Classic Form of Art Alive


Mike Dacey is a young guy, but sadly a member of a dying breed. Mike’s a Press Man in the truest sense. That’s a job that has slowly faded away in the face of faster, cheaper printing alternatives, leaving artisans like Mike to keep this soulful art form alive. In a warehouse in Somerville, MA, he runs Repeat Press, his 7 year old printing press company.

Enjoy a slideshow of our visit after the jump.

There are no laser or inkjet printers, just a lot of wooden type, some polymer plates, and a few machines that would make an OSHA inspector faint. Gear Patrol made a trip over to his workshop the other week at The Fringe Movement to see his press work first-hand and do a limited edition print on Mike’s Vandercook SP-20 press. Though we’re already big fans of printing and letterpress work (see Gear Patrol’s business cards & stationary), we came away with a great appreciation for the labor-intensive and painstaking process of press printing. The process of printing with wooden type, as we did for our limited edition poster, takes skill, but also a large helping of guess and check. Our finished product was a very short run of Mad Men-inspired posters, a few of which this author printed himself.

Keep your eyes peeled for the chance to snag one of the posters soon.

Big thanks to Mike Dacey! Be sure to check out his blog and Etsy shop for works from Repeat Press.