...And This One is Just Right

Adams Hybrids: Idea Pro Black, Idea a7, Idea a7OS


Usually, when we conduct a golf club test here at Gear Patrol, it’s just that: “A” club test. Seeing as we couldn’t agree on which Adams hybrid to take our hacks with, we had them send three. Adams Golf has long been the hybrid-industry leader for pros and duffers alike. Considering that each hybrid is designed with a specific skill set in mind, Eric and I teamed up to evaluate Adams’s selection.

Idea Pro Black


Touted as the “players” hybrid, the all black, nickel plated Idea Pro Black is sleek and compact. A 25 gram rear weighted plate provides head stability, while an additional weight port allows for swing weight adjustments. The Idea Pro Black also comes with either an Aldila Voodoo or Ozark Matrix shaft. Both are excellent options and a tremendous step up from the stock shafts you see from many of the other club makers.

The Idea Pro Black certainly had the most penetrating ball flight of the models we tested. For a hybrid, which is generally designed to get the ball up high, this took a few swings to adapt to. As a safer alternative off the tee or from the fairway of a 5 par, the Idea Pro Black would be an ideal choice. If you like to use your hybrid for long par 3s, the boring ball flight may put a bit of doubt in the back of your mind. Of the three clubs, this was my preferred for look, feel, and overall performance. Better players will appreciate the compact head when shaping shots.

Buy Now: $200

Idea a7


As the middle option, you might think that the Idea a7 would be the red headed step-child of the group. Quit the contrary. The Idea a7 is the hybrid that will appeal to the widest range of golfers, from bogey to scratch golfers. The a7, like the Pro Black, has heel weighting to improve stability and is shafted with a UST Proforce AXIVCore Black shaft. As a Gold Winner from Golf Digest, the a7 deliverd a very smooth feel at impact. Which for a club that requires some precession from long range is crucial. Eric gravitated to the a7 and was impressed how it handled his, uh, erratic swing.

Adams improved sole camber design increases performance from all lies. On the course this will certainly come into play even for golfers who tend to avoid trouble. That “piece of mind” frees up a golfer to swing freely, even without an optimal lie. I don’t know about you, but I’d take a whole bag of clubs that made me feel that way.

Buy Now: $150

Idea a7OS


The Idea a7OS is the most forgiving option from Adams. With the largest head of the brunch (set up with a draw bias) getting the ball up in the air takes little efforts. I’m sure if we had brought Ben with us, even he could have launched a few (just think Ben, no more fear of coming up short of the red tees), but I digress. With 44 grams of heel and toe weighting the MOI on the Idea a7OS makes sure that even slight miss hits will more or less stay on track. The a7OS also won a Gold rating in the 2010 Hot List from Golf Digest and should be the club of choice for the high handicapper looking for a little help with finicky fairway woods or impossible long irons.

Buy Now: $150