Like Two Shoes in One, Hand Made in Maine

Quoddy for 3Sixteen Deck Chukka


Combining two classic men’s shoe styles into one beautiful silhouette, these Deck Chukka’s are as stylish as they are well crafted. Created for fashion outfit 3Sixteen by shoe maker Quoddy, each pair is hand sewn in Maine with locked-stitched tips and kickers by one individual craftsman. Material wise, the shoes are made from Chromexcel leather and available in three shades of navy, black, or light tan known as Peanut Grizzly.

This is a specialized leather produced by the famous Horween Leather tannery in Chicago, which, due to its distinctive “hot stuffed” blend of natural oils and greases, exhibits a rich deep finish that easily shines and breaks in quickly (despite an initial stiff feel). Rounding out the details, they also feature a full leather-lined interior, silver tone eyelets, and white rubber sole perfect for sail boat decks or casual walks just about anywhere else. For more shots and links to purchase, look below. One word to the wise, though, is that you shouldn’t count on these hybrid beauties being around forever.

Cost: $330