Putting Your Entire Recipe Library at the Tip of Your Finger

Demy Kitchen Safe Recipe Reader

demi_kitchen_safe_readerProducts like the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPadand Skiff E-Reader are clearly aimed at putting all those paperbacks you have lying around out of their misery, but what about your cook books? The reality is, none of the current crop of e-readers out on the market are really built to work in the hazardous environment that is a man’s kitchen. That’s where the Demy kitchen safe recipe reader by Key Ingredient comes into play.

Capable of storing up to 2,500 recipes synced from a keyingredient.com account, the Demy is quite boxy in comparison to the emaciated designs currently over taking the rest of the consumer electronics markets and measures 7.8 x 5.4 x 3.2 inches . It’s built this way though for several reasons including: splash resistance, easy cleaning, and finally readability. For example, the entire device is meant to be easily wiped down using a damp cloth, and can be adjusted to lie at an angle on its back or stand taller depending on user preference.

Navigating through the devices is naturally also dead simply and meant to be easy even for chefs with utensils in hand. Users can browse through recipe collection alphabetically with a tap of a letter, or create virtual cook books and favorite short lists through their online account to then sync for faster access. The screen font can also quickly be enlarged or reduced to the optimal level for reading comfortable.

Besides preventing chefs from grubbing up the pages of their cooking library favorites, the Demy also includes a kitchen timer application which can keep track of up to three separate cooking times. A conversion calculator and ingredient substitution program are also on board for dealing with precise measurements or discovering alternate ingredients should a cook not have everything on hand.

It’s also of course no secret that we’re inherently attracted to anything electronic, but overall this specialized device does seem handy. If you’re not the chef in your household, the Demy is also something cool to keep in mind as a great gift for your better half.

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