From the Producers of Entourage Comes HBO's Latest Comedy

How to Make It in America


This Sunday, those of you who subscribe to HBO should check out their newest comedy series How To Make It In America premiering at 10PM. Produced by the same folks who brought you Entourage a.k.a Mark Wahlberg and Jada Miranda, this show follows the paths of two twentysomethings living in New York city searching for some way to make it big. Initially they’re ideas of selling “Wilfredo Gomez” branded skate boards goes bust, but unfortunately that doesn’t eliminate the need they have for paying back the ex-con who initially funded them. Needless to say some high jinxs ensue on how they’ll get back the money and what ideas they’ll think of next to keep the dream of getting rich alive.

Starring an interesting mix of relative unknowns and some recognizable faces such as hip hop scenster Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi and Rene Calderon of Traffic fame, from our viewing of the pilot online, this show definitely has the guts that many other famous HBO series have taken straight to the bank. If you’re into music and Hip-hop in particular, you’ll also find the soundtrack top notch which featured artists such as Cam’Ron, Digable Planets, Kayne West, Stereo MCs, and The Rolling Stones, just in the pilot alone. To watch the pilot and find out more about the show, hitting the link below.

How To Make It America