Best Case Scenario

Speck Cases


Apple products are notorious for their gorgeous factory finishes being as magnetically attractive to scratching and scuffing as seedy women are to Tiger Woods. While there are a plethora of products on the market for protecting your iNvestment, those offered by Speck Products shine through. Speck has been making cases for various Apple products for almost ten years now, all with the consumer in mind. While most companies skew their focus towards either protection or fashion, Speck approaches a happy medium, offering well-built cases that happen to be very attractive.

If you don’t happen to be a member of the iCult, fear not! Speck also offers cases for various other products ranging from external hard drives to Blackberrys to GPS systems. This Speck devotee employs their brand of protection on his Macbook and iPod; from my experience, they definitely hold up to daily use and protect my devices when I throw them in my messenger bag to take them to school. While the price for a Speck case is a bit north of its contemporaries, the added protection and style is worth the cost and will protect your investment from any scuffing or scratching. We hear that they may be working on a special prototype for Tiger, such is Speck’s ability to repel bumps and bruises.

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