30 Essential Movies | The Shawshank Redemption

the-shawshank-redemption-30-movie-essentials-gear-patrolSeriously, if you don’t know The Shawshank Redemption or watch it every time you catch it on TNT, you might not have a soul. It’s a classic that follows two men coping with prison life in the 1940s. Andy Dufrain has been convicted of murdering his wife and lover, but maintains his innocence. Red, “the getter” for the prison, ends up becoming best friends with Andy over the years. Both of them struggle with the overwhelming despair of prison life, not to mention The Sisters, sadistic guards, and a corrupt warden. In the interest of not giving the story away, both Andy and Red do find their “redemption” in the end. Buy it, watch it, watch it again, and again… you won’t be disappointed, especially in 1080p.

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30 Essential Movies is a Gear Patrol series focused on highlighting the 30 core films every guy should own as part of his movie library. Feel free to leave comments about our selections and (please) be sure to rate our picks using the star system below. At the end of the series, we’ll use this information to select the top rated film according to the Gear Patrol audience and to give away something special as a thank you.