Functional Works of Art

Kitchen Balloon Shakers


Seasoning shakers rarely ever see any attention from anyone outside of the folks at Bed, Bath, and Beyond who continuously strive to find new ways to repackage and sell the same old stuff. So when we come across something like these, we can’t help but pass the knowledge along to you. Created by Shotoku Glass Co., which originally got its start making light bulbs in Japan, these hand-blown balloon shakers were created to show off the spices inside. Featuring a cork stopper for maintaining freshness and keeping an airtight seal, these unique seasoning containers definitely add design flair to any kitchen shelf, while still remaining functional. Unfortunately, they’re not for those on a budget, but that’s to be expected when dealing with hand-blown glass.

Buy Now: Set of 2 ($80) | Set of 4 ($160)

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