One Guru's Thoughts On Becoming Indispensable

Linchpin by Seth Godin

linchpin_seth_godinNormally, we’d never showcase any kind of book dealing with those grey area subjects such as self-help or self-improvement. That’s because, in the majority of situations, these books really boil down to self-aggrandizing dribble spat out by “experts” whose only credentials appear to be a hefty helping of ego and knowing the name of a ghostwriter looking for their next job.

In the case of Seth Godin, though, we’re willing to make an exception. His latest work Linchpin discusses a topic anyone who’s ever felt a tinge of fear for their job in this economy can benefit from hearing. That is, what is it about a person that makes them indispensable to an organization? However, contrary to what you might think, his message really isn’t about taking basic steps to not get fired. Instead, his goal is to motivate individuals to understand what work matters to them, and how they can get into a position to do it.

Sure, when put like that, it undoubtedly sounds cheesy, but don’t take for granted this bald soothsayer’s ability to inspire or sway even the most stalwart of cynics.

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