Built With and For the LAPD

Pelican 7060 LED Flashlight


A great collaboration can often result in some fantastic products. The Los Angeles Police Department, a crew that uses their fair share of flashlights and Pelican Products have jointly developed the Pelica 7060 LED Flashlight. Tested with over 100+ officers over a two year span, the 7060 is designed to be the standard issue tactical/patrol flashlight for LAPD officers. It’s built for convenience, robustness, and general bad-assery. Since we like to think that’s the general description of most our Gear Patrol readers, we got our hands on one.

The Pelican 7060 LED Flashlight is, first and foremost, bright. Its LED light source can emit 130 lumens for 1.5 hours powered by a 4.7v 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The slightly larger, heavier size (10.5 oz and 8.65″ in length) is made of a combination xenoy/aluminum body that can also, by our estimation, serve as a blunt weapon in a pinch… something we doubt happened “by chance”. The 7060 also features a unique dual-switch make for speedy activation and holstering convience, grenade grip, momentary pules setting, low battery alert, serrated lens shroud, and an optimized beam that can penetrate 120 yards.

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