Chumby By Way of Sony

Sony Dash Internet Viewer


Back in January, you might have noticed a flurry of online chatter related to the category-bucking Sony Dash. After reviewing the product’s specs and features announced in the device’s initial press release, we were slightly disappointed to learn that the Dash seemed to be positioned really as a jack of all tech trades but master of none. However, the folks over at Engadget were kind enough to let us know that Sony has officially amended the device’s feature set in one key area which has reversed our initial decision.

To recap on the basics, the Dash is 7-inch touch screen device powered by the Chumby OS that can connect to the internet via integrated WiFi. However it is not portable (a.k.a it does not have a battery) and instead is meant to be plugged in as a bedside/living room/kitchen accessory. Since it runs the Chumby OS, though, the Dash can support over 1,000 free applications like Facebook, and also ships directly with several of Sony’s Bravia internet widgets including YouTube, Pandora, and Epicurious. A NAVTEQ app for live traffic updates is pre-installed as well, along with AccuWeather for checking forecasts and conditions outside.
As a one-up over Apple, the Dash can thankfully run multiple applications at once, so users won’t have to worry about prioritizing their alarm over checking up on email or listening to music. The real
coup de gras that has us stoked, however, is the ability to now stream your Netflix Watch Now queue directly on the Dash.

Thanks to on-board stereo speakers, this now positions the Dash as pretty much the ultimate beside replacement for news, information, and entertainment, or as we’d like to call it “the alarm clock for the 21st century”. Better yet, Sony has confirmed that this versatile box will sell for $199, which is perfectly reasonable considering the features offered. Unfortunately, it’s not available for purchase just yet, but check the link below for details about how to stay informed on when it hits shelves.

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