Nothing But 100% Silk Wool Touches This Body

Ramblers Way Wool


By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Sandy Bandu

Yes, it’s true – and once you try it you will likely never go back. Forget cotton, forget polyester; lightweight, merino wool is all you need. This writer will go so far as to admit that he has had a hard time peeling this new “second”-Cross Neck Short Sleeve-skin from his body. Having spent the week hiking and walking around the streets of the cold north, Rambler’s Way wool products have proven to be incredibly warm and comfortable. Given today’s economic climate, it is especially important to find clothing that provides versatility, and not only does this fine hand knit clothing provide basic day to day style, but additionally it serves as the perfect base layers for virtually any outdoor activity and at any time of year at that!

Admittedly, fine, lightweight merino wool is not a new concept, but Rambler’s Way is world apart from versions made by other companies mainly because of their commitment to quality and sustainability. Their core belief and philosophy is ingrained and “knit” so to speak in every article of clothing that they produce and this “mom and pop” business has been “going green” since the start. For example, all the wool is sustainably farmed and produced in the United States, which helps to support our farmers, animal health and safety, while having a lower impact on the environment.

So by purchasing clothing from Rambler’s Way not only will you be sporting awesome and practical threads, but you’re also making a responsible choice as a consumer. It’s a choice that supports the possibility of a economically sustainable and environmentally positive future.

Buy Now: $80-$100