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Domke F-2 DSLR Camera Bag


By Guest Writer and Professional Photographer Tom Beck

So, you just got that awesome new DSLR, and added a second lens to the package, maybe even an external flash. Great, but now what are you going to carry it in? You’ve dropped at least a couple of grand, now you need to protect your photographic investment with a great bag. The Domke F-2 will serve those needs, and for a long time.

First designed in 1976, photographer Jim Domke wanted a bag that met all his carrying needs, and was easy to use while on the go. The result was the Original F-2 bag, a water-repellent canvas beast of a bag that’ll last a lifetime.

I bought my F-2 about 7 years ago, and it goes with me on all my shoots. I don’t always transport my camera in it, but I do carry flashes, electronics, and other sensitive gear in my Domke. If I’m shooting an event where I need to carry several different lenses and flashes with me, I’m always using my F-2. A four way padded insert comes standard, but there are numerous other inserts available so you can really customize these Domke bags to fit your needs. Without getting too bulky and cumbersome, I can carry two camera bodies, three lenses, an external flash, and plenty of batteries, memory cards or film, and other items I might possibly need on a shoot with ease.

domke_f2_camera_bag_gpDurability is a mantra with Domke’s bags. After 7 years of hard use traveling to every shoot in a wide variety of climate conditions, my bag shows very little signs of wear. Not one ripped seam or tear in the heavy canvas material, no pulls at the shoulder strap attachments, no torn velcro patch seams. The only wear I have is a spot where the non slip rubber that is basket woven into the shoulder strap has worn off. Honestly, I think this bag is near indestructible. I’ve seen some photographers who’ve had their bags for 20+ years, and the bag still is in great shape. This bag epitomizes rugged!

Domke makes some 16 sizes and styles of camera bags in both the original canvas, or, if you prefer, ballistic nylon, as well as satchels and backpacks. Also, they manufacture many accessories to customize your Domke (or any other) bag. While they may be a little more expensive than other bags, Domke certainly makes up for it in long-lasting durability and protection for your camera gear.

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