Ribs, Pulled Pork, and Smoked Sausage, Oh My..Oh G$% D
&* My!

Dreamland BBQ 50th Anniversary Package


Established by John “Big Daddy” Bishop in 1958 in Tuscaloosa Alabama, the same year Bear Bryant starting coaching, Dreamland BBQ is now a southern institution. Known for their mouth watering ribs and sauce, the only thing that has grown larger than their reputation over the years has been the demand to have their famous BBQ. Thankfully, the folks running this delicious cathedral of slow cooked meat goodness decided to offer their cuisine online and ship it direct to hungry people across this great nation by 2nd Day Air whenever the mood should strike.

While there are many options available to feed one to an entire famished horde of BBQ addicts, the 50th anniversary special online package shown above is the best option for those unacquainted with the food and curious to “investigate” (re: inhale) what all the fuss is about. Featuring 1 slab of ribs, 1 lb of pulled pork, 1 lb of hickory smoked sausage, 1 quart of their legendary BBQ sauce, and 1 bottle of their BBQ house dressing, it’s the best way to get your grub on for an amazingly reasonable price. To replicate the full restaurant experience, the package even ships with wet naps, bibs, and loaf of white Sunbeam bread. In terms of preparation, simply follow the heating instructions and your authentic Dreamland BBQ feast is good to go. Just please don’t hurt us for bringing this up near dinner time.

Buy Now: $50