It's All in The Details

Gucci Retro Leather Trainers


It’s time to throw pragmatism out the window, or at least put it on hold for the next paragraph or so. Clean and basic, with perfect amount of color flash for standing out in sea of Converse and Vans, these white lace-up leather trainers are a surprise find from a brand normally saddled in jet setting ostentation. Detailed with red trim on the sole and red and black stripes running parallel on both sides, their ability to grab attention for once is based solely on great style rather than “yes I’m wealthy” branding. That doesn’t mean these sneakers somehow shirk the obligatory jaw dropping price tags that rappers jostle to point out when actual song writing is deemed too difficult. But that won’t stop us from giving them a nod, or admitting that if money grew on trees, we’d be wearing them.

Buy Now: $429