Luke... I Am Your Travel Agent

Star Wars Travel Posters

hothJustin Van Genderen, a graphic designer from Chicago (not Dagobah), has crafted these beautifully minimalist travel posters that remind us of those deco pieces from decades past. However, unlike those that lured countless Americans down Route 66 and to the Grand Canyon in the backs of station wagons, these point wandering souls towards notable destinations in a galaxy far, far away, perhaps via Corellian Cruiser.

Van Gendren crafted these in his spare time, and originally designed a Death Star one, but felt as if it did not have a place in the group (think nazi-germany or PRC retro travel posters). He is also beginning work on a set for the planets from the three prequels (regardless of how good/unwatchable one thinks those movies are). Originally, this passion project wasn’t for sale, but we’re glad to report that you can now have your very own planetary poster (or six). There’s even a classy, albeit expensive, option to have them shipped already framed. See the gallery and note Alderaan is blown to bits – nice touch.

Buy Now: $17 (Print Only) | $102 (Framed)