The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies

The Hollywood Economist

the_hollywood_economistEveryone knows Hollywood is a money making machine and has been for years, but thanks to studio secrecy, few understand why this is and how it works. Written by the renowned investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein, who holds a Ph.D from Harvard and has published books previously on everything from the Diamond industry to Lee Harvey Oswald, Epstein digs deeper into the fiances behind the industry’s mega hits and busts than anyone else has before.

Not enough to incite your curiosity? How about learning the answers to questions such as: what it costs to insure Nicole Kidman’s right knee, why Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered a contract genius, or why Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is considered a “masterpiece” of financing? Released today directly to paper back for less than $15, it’s perfect for film buffs or anyone seeking an education on one of America’s most famous exports.

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