Less Is Not Necessarily More

Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Series | Boccieri Golf


A putter is an infinitely personal thing. That’s why you see such a disparity in the equipment used by even the best players in the world; some wield mallets, others blades, and some prefer scoop-backs. Some putters are set up as standard-length, others belly putters, and some (crazy) as long putters. This all serves as evidence that, to putt well, you have to find the flat-stick that works for you. That’s why, if you can’t find the right fit, you might consider bulking up. That’s what the infamous Heavy Putter is for.

Granted, the concept of a heavier putter may go against the scruples of some purists, the additional mass and modified balance point of the putter’s shaft truly discourages the golfer getting too “wristy” during the putting stroke, which is a primary cause of getting off-line. Additionally, once you dial in the speed, the extra mass means the no need to swat at the ball, resulting in uncanny feel.

To test Boccieri’s new Mid-Weight line, we took hold of the K4-M model, which just so happens to be John Daly’s putter du jour. For those who don’t know, Big John may be infamous for his monster drives and off-course antics, but he is well-respected by his peers for a great short game and touch around the greens. That’s to say, he’s got putting cred. As for our tastes, we chose the PVD Black, but a Satin finish is available, as well.

Our scientific testing consisted of a good bit of time on the practice green, followed by a round where 9 holes were played using a traditional putter and 9 holes played with the K4-M. The final score was not pretty, as one should never switch putters mid-round (Woody Austin, take note), still the contrast was distinct. The comparison illuminated just how much feel we were missing by employing the far lighter “normal” putter, and putting is all about feel. Additionally, the K4-M offers a very traditional, confidence-inspiring look from above. That’s a trait that’s certainly good for your stroke.

Now don’t let us steer you wrong, you shouldn’t change putters as frequently as golf gloves – you’ll never improve at that rate. But if your current putter doesn’t agree with you, there’s no shame in seeking a stick that comes with feel built in. Heavy Putter’s new Mid-Weight line is a great transitional club that’s just weighty enough to beat down your score.

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