The Anti-Shoe

MBT Shuguli GTX


We know you’ve seen the commercials for toning sneakers on TV. Seriously, what guy isn’t a fan of the Reebok ads? Perhaps you’ve considered buying a pair for your girlfriend. Perhaps you’ve considered buying yourself a pair. No matter what your inclination may be, leave it up to Gear Patrol to find out what they’re all about.

Toning shoes have been around for years and recently has seen a tremendous upswing in popularity. One brand in particular, MBT, has been the leader in this category of footwear and has lately been the subject of imitation. As we know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we chose to contact MBT for a review.

The pair shoes MBT sent over was their MBT Shuguli GTX. The Shuguli GTX is a professional looking oxford lace-up made with full grain leather and features a Gore-Tex lining. It also packs an antimicrobial mesh insole that helps reduce pesky foot odor. The main feature however is the curved sole. The idea behind sole is to create instability by changing a hard flat surface into a soft uneven one. The instability that’s created causes the body to recruit more muscles than with regular shoes and hence creates the toning properties. It’s the same concept behind using a balance board or exercise ball at the gym during your workout.

Holiday laziness combined with Snowmaggedon provided the ideal testing ground for the MBT Shuguli GTX. And after a few weeks, the MBT Shuguli GTX has surpassed my expectations. The Gore-Tex lining kept my feet warm and dry through the wintery mix and the curved sole provided ample traction on snow and ice too. As much as I’d like to say its gotta be the shoes that’s made by backside firmer, honestly, it’s probably because I’ve been changing starting a new workout that’s really gotten things in shape.

Toning talk aside, the MBT Shuguli GTX is hands down one of the most comfortable shoes I own and is now the pair I reach for on the way to work. Keep MBT in mind the next time you’re looking for a new pair of shoes. Not only are they comfortable, they might even make your backside look better in a pair of Evisu jeans too.

Buy Now: $179-$275