The Granddaddy of All Great Gear

Duct Tape

duck-tape1As men, we’re pretty much genetically conditioned to love all things DIY. After all, why pay someone perfectly good money when we can just muck around with things we don’t really understand until they’re fixed (maybe). Over at one of our favorite sites,Lifehacker, they’re celebrating this truism with DIY week. Appropriately, there’s a rousing tribute to the king of DIY, Duct Tape. We encourage you to check it out to get your fix (pun intended) of appropriate and questionable Duct Tape uses, alike.

With typical uses such as healing warts and making wallets chronicled in the article, it also includes odd projects such as improving posture and even unclogging drains, as we as a brief history of Duct Tape. However, bear in mind that Gear Patrol will not be held responsible if you chose to build a tandem bike from Duct Tape and end up losing a limb (or girlfriend or pride).

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