Sci-Fi Space Face Cream

Lab Series MAX LS Age-Less Face Cream


Lab Series, one of our favorite men’s grooming brands, has recently engineered a new product, Max LS Age-Less Face Cream ($65). It comes at a price, but really is there a price when it comes to your face? After all, your face is the one part of you that everyone sees (fortunately and unfortunately), so why spend less than you’d spend getting your car buffed and polished on a Saturday afternoon?

Lab Series Max LS Age Less Face Cream is specifically designed around the science of skin cell longevity, Sirtuin technology: scientists have discovered “longevity genes” in our skin (Sirtuins) that, when activated, increase the life of our skin cells. After an 8-week test of consumers, Lab series found a 98% boost in skin hydration and 90% reduction of lines and wrinkle appearance. Designed for all skin types.