Yes, You Read That Right... ƒ0.95.

Noktor HyperPrime 50mm ƒ0.95


That 50mm ƒ1.8 prime lens you have in your kit may be all well and good, but Canton, Georgia based Noktor aims to prove otherwise with the newly announced HyperPrime 50mm ƒ0.95-16 lens for Micro 4/3rds (think: Lumix GF-1, Olympus EP-1). Yes, that’s a superhuman sub 1.0 aperture. We expect the results to be a hair thin depth-of-field, ridiculously fast low-light shooting, and some very unique photographs. As a matter of fact, the 17 oz Noktor manual lens will supposedly be the fastest lens designed for Micro 4/3rds cameras. [via DPReview]

Buy Now: $750 (pre-order price, ships April 15)

Video Shot on Panasonic GF1 with Noktor HyperPrime 50mm