The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and His Revolutionary Comic Strip

Looking for Calvin and Hobbes

calvin_hobbes_lookingCalvin & Hobbes and its creator Bill Watterson are probably under the definition for “Enigmatic” in the Webster’s Dictionary. Running for 10 years and then suddenly stopping at its peak, C&H is one of the most beloved comic strips ever. With a creator who did and does avoid the public eye like a modern Salinger (R.I.P), what inspired Calvin & Hobbes has remained unkown. The great mystery surrounding the comic and Bill Watterson led Nevin Martell to dig deep and write “Looking for Calvin and Hobbes”. For any Calvin & Hobbes fan (who isn’t?) it’s a must own revealing look behind the behind the comic and at the man who created it. Now if only we could snag some legal merch.

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