Rugged Chinos For The Rugged Man

Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pant

mountain-khakis-original-mountain-pantIf you’ve ever been attacked by a mountain lion, used your teeth instead of a chainsaw to fell a tree, or lifted your truck out of a ditch with your bare/bear hands and are in the market for some pants… you’ve probably owned or heard of Mountain Khakis (we have). The 7+ year old outdoor outfitting brand birthed (where else) in the breath-taking mountains of Jackson Hole, WY, has nearly perfected the craft of creating most durable cotton out there. Rumor has it they weave the arm hairs of Chuck Norris and angels to create their perfect balance of ruggedness and comfort. Or so we hear.

Having had a chance to test the Original Mountain Pant and the Teton Twill’s (Again. A second opinion is always good, right?), we’ve got a pretty good grip on the situation. To be perfectly honest, this writer considers himself a skinny denim/Audi S5 kind of guy, whereas the original expectation of the Mountain Khakis were more along the lines of a vintage Ford Bronco. They look like they should come complete with with a carabiner and hatchet.

And yes, they should, but these Mountain Khakis are incredibly comfortable (and girlfriend approved). Made of 10.4 oz cotton duck canvas, the Original Mountain Pan have a diamond style gusseted crotch that provides a very (ahem) free feeling, triple stitching construction, and two-ply cuff fabric. Mountain Khakis produces the Original Mountain Pant in a variety of appropriately named colors like yellowstone (shown right), granite, and ranch. Mountain Khakis are about the furthest thing we can imagine from a pair of Gap khakis, and in this case, that’s a good thing. You wouldn’t ask a Ford Focus to climb the Alps, so why would you ask your every-day khakis to do the same?

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