A Major Win for Nike Golf

Nike Method Putter


Here at Gear Patrol, we can’t remember a golf club being released with more hype and anticipation. Nike Golf has never been known as a top-tier putter maker, but after two wins at Majors in 2009 (both Opens) the Nike Method Putter is looking to change all of that. It was just a matter of time before Nike Golf found a way to improve the forward spin on a putt, reducing accuracy-sapping skipping and skidding. The fact they accomplished this while housing their technology in a beautifully styled putter should make acceptance much higher.


Utilizing Polymetal Groove Technology the Method Putter blends the soft touch of a face insert with the zip of a milled face. To pull off the feat, Nike cut a channel behind the entire club face, then carved out groves in the face deep enough to reach that channel. The entire cavity was then filled with a low-durometer polymer. The alternating hard and soft grooves grip the golf ball and promoted better top spin roll. Providing a truer, more consistent roll.

We spent a week with the Method #1 Putter and were blown away by it’s performance. As odd as it would seem to be able to feel the softness of the polymer and the pop of the steel simultaneously, it took almost no time to adjust to it. Putts jump off the face, yet felt under total control. Both slippery down-hillers and long lag putts were no problem. We even had some of the best office putting challenges we’ve ever had, and when you’re putting across carpet, distance control and touch are paramount. Even the grip is velvety soft. The entire package felt great in the hand, fit the eye, and steadied the nerves.


While the Method Putter certainly has a lot of technology, the classic blade and small mallet heads are more reminiscent of hand crafted, milled putters that occupy the higher end of the price spectrum. Which for Nike Golf is a nice direction. Each Method Putter (Models 1-5) all have the clean, simple lines that many golfers will find pleasing to the eye. Simply put, it looks like we expect a putter to look like. Even those golfers who gravitate to more extreme models should give the Method a look. The feel is just that good.

After all of the hype and hoopla, we at Gear Patrol can be counted as members of the bandwagon. It’s still early but this may be the most excited we get about a club this year.

Buy Now: $250 Method #1 | Method #2 | Method #3 | Method #4 | Method #5