Smal Bar, Big Taste

Clif Bars Mini

clif-bars-mini-gear-patrolBeing in college and eating a fulfilling, healthy meal is about as hard as narrowing down the long list of analogies the long list of analogies that I mercifully chose not to insert here. Luckily, I’ve had Clif Bars. The small chunks of goodness are easy to pack, offer a disproportionately huge amount of protein, and have the ability to sustain an appetite better than anything offered at McDonald’s. In our book, that should be enough to turn anyone onto them. Luckily, they’re available in a mini size that makes packing even easier for class, work, what have you.

Clif Bars was started on a bike trip by Gary who, like many other people (this author included), was turned away from energy bars by bad taste, brick-like consistency, and an oversaturation of choices (get our take here). The company has recently expanded to include other offerings, but the original hunk of nutrition is still our de facto choice.

Buy Now: Regular $30 (24 Pack) | Mini $23 (36 Pack)