iPad Challenger, Round 1

Microsoft Courier


The Apple iPad has caught the eyes of many, but frankly not all of us are in the the Federated Obsessed Fanboys of Apple. The Microsoft Courier isn’t yet entirely real, nor can you order it next week like the Apple iPad, but the recently leaked specs show that the tablet/e-reader/netbook will be under 1″ in thickness and weigh less than a pound. Pretty close to Apple iPad territory we’d say. As for its interface, the Courier will likely run two side-by-side 5×7 inch screens that run a variation of Windows Mobile 7, feature a NVIDIA Tegra 2 graphics processors with handwriting recognition, store most user generated data on cloud storage, and include a built-in camera (hello Apple?). You might say Microsoft’s “leaked info” is an obvious ploy to grab the attention of buyers (and their respective wallets) thinking about pre-ordering an iPad, but perhaps it’s worth waiting until the 2nd half of 2010 when the Courier is tenatively slated for release. You may begin pondering… now.

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