The Sweet Smell of Cleaner Exhaust

Lehr Propane-Powered Eco Blower


Last spring, we drew your attention to Lehr and their innovative trimmer powered not by gasoline but by clean-burning propane delivered in familiar camping-style cylinders. We were impressed all the way around. Now, we’re happy to report that the folk at Lehr have stayed at it, allowing their ingenuity to spread to other parts of the lawn maintenance world. With spring fast approaching (thank goodness), there’s no better time to take stock of your equipment loadout and consider the new Lehr Eco Blower.

It’s doubtful that we need to explain the purpose of a leaf blower (it’s to corral yard detritus, if you’re that dense), so we’ll start by saying that the Lehr Eco Blower is a fine example of the category. It’s 25cc, 4 stroke engine offers a 150 mph max velocity which is more than enough to wrangle most lawn or driveway messes. Again, the most unique attribute of this machine is its fuel source. There’s no mixing of 2-cycle oil and gas or pouring (and consequently, spilling) said concoction to fuel this blower; it simply requires screwing the proprietary collar onto a common 16 oz propane canister, readily available at just about any discount or sporting goods store.

We tested the blower function extensively and had now complaints, even compared to our gas-guzzling backpack model. Adding bang for your buck, however, is a mulching and bagging function that, after an easy transformation, offers a 14:1 breakdown of leaves into, well, smaller leaves. Come fall, you’ll be glad that your Eco Blower knows how to do double duty. As an added bonus, the Eco Blower is a breeze to start. It requires no choke and, based on our testing, generally fires up on the first pull.

Those of you with a green bent will certainly appreciate the numerous accolades that Lehr’s propane-burning clean machines have garnered; in that vein, the Eco Blower exceeds 2011 EPA emissions standards designed to reduce pollution by lawn equipment. Like many of you, we really appreciate technology that goes the extra mile to do right by our environment, particularly when it come with performance that’s as good or better than machines do stand up to current eco-standards. We can heartily endorse the Lehr Eco Blower as being comparable in performance the similarly priced competition, while blowing them away (again a pun) with its green technology, stingy fuel consumption, and ease of use. Now we’re just waiting for our propane chainsaw…

Buy Now: $207