Giving Longnecks a Second Chance

Recycled Beer Bottle Glasses


There are many ways to think about recycling. Etsy seller and glass blower Nick Paul prefers to think of the concept as a way to extend the life of one of man’s best friends – the classic beer bottle. After cleaning old beer bottles, Nick heats the used bottles in an annealing oven at 1100 degrees, then manipulates the glass, transforming the refuse into some of the coolest drinking glasses around. A gkass that any beer fan can appreciate.

Even better, each cup is dishwasher-safe, which is a must for any guy-approved beverage container. Here you’ll see his creations from Stella bottles, but at his Etsy store you can find sets for a variety of other popular brands like Bass, Heineken, and Rolling Rock. If you don’t see a set for your favorite brew of choice then let Nick know. He’ll create a set just for you using any bottle with painted-on labels. An entire six pack is surprisingly affordable, considering their handmade-quality and one of a kind nature.

Buy Now: $60 (6 Pack)