David Bowie Wig Not Included

Orange Thunder 30 Amplifier


For the most part, the guitar amplifier market is a sea of black Tolex. Bucking this trend, Orange Amplifiers, based out of the United Kingdom, have been encasing the classic British sound in bright orange (much as the the name suggests) since 1968.

The soon-to-be released Thunder 30 is every bit as loud as its name suggests. This small-scale beast packs four EL84 class A 30 watt power valves, along with a twin channel set up and effects loop for practicing your best space rock guitar solos. For all the Gear Patrol guitarists out there, the Thunder 30 can be purchased as a head-only set up, or with a front-loaded 1×12′ cabinet. While Orange Amplifiers carry a (significantly) steeper price tag than some other options, they are backed by a name, reputation, and color that is renown throughout the United Kingdom and even here in the States. Performance equipment from Orange commands serious respect amongst guitarists and fans alike. [Via CrunchGear]

Buy Now: $1,200 (Coming Soon)