Bose Quality. Wal-Mart Price.

Bose In-Ear Headphones


There are two types of people in this world, audiophiles, and well… people who don’t know what that word means. In a world where the quality of bass in a pair of headphones in more important then your mother’s upcoming birthday, headphones and earphones can get very, very expensive. The innovators at Bose have successfully bridged the gap though, enabling people to get Bose-quality audio for less then a hundred bucks.

While the Bose In-Ears are not noise-canceling, their silicone tips don’t have the same level of earwax attraction that plagues many in-ear models. Along with their non-intrusive design and ability to stay in while running (from bears even), they offer fantastic bass that is leaps and bounds those glossy white phones that came packed with your iPod and most other buds, for that matter. This writer is currently on his third pair of Bose In-Ears – not because they break, but because I am clumsy. Lucky for me though, my clumsiness is covered under Bose’s excellent warranty. After a quick call to Bose, they are happy to send me a brand new pair (with a warranty of their own) for free in exchange of my broken earphones. Not only does Bose know how to manufacture a fantastic pair of earphones, but they also know how to gain lifetime customers.

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