A Guy Friendly Table Setting

CB2 Basketweave Placemats

basketweave_placematsPlacemats are a dining accessory many single guys take for granted. Putting them on the table just seems like extra, unnecessary work. Plus the act of washing them after a few meals just adds insult to injury. Though we won’t disagree with either of those points, we will stop to remind you that details like this are the things most women pick up on. So it might be a good idea to have a set around in case one winds up eating at your table. These waterproof PVC basketweave options by the more affordable Crate & Barrel subsidiary CB2 are a good option in our book because of their masculine aesthetic (a.k.a. no pink paisley), and wallet friendly price. Sold in four colors shown right, pick up the color that best matches your crib or if you’re feeling uber-creative mix it up by buying a few of each.

Buy Now: $3 for one