Featuring The Omnipotent Seal of Good Fortune

Cordarounds Lucky Pants


According to Cordarounds, the new Lucky Pants can improve your luck by a whopping .007%. We haven’t had a pair long enough to test that claim out but we can say that these trousers, made of green velveteen and a unique gold lining, are incredibly comfortable, and that’s what you want to be when you’ve got a Guinness in one hand and a fist full of gold doubloons in the other. The Lucky Pants are also blessed with the Omnipotent Seal of Good Fortune, a four-leaf clover emblazoned with the number 7, a dollar sign, a horseshoe, and an Egyption scarab. A fantastic choice for St. Patty’s day or any lazy weekend. Hey, who couldn’t use a little luck waiting with the Sunday brunch crowd?

Luck starts here: Cordarounds is tossing in a free Omnipotent Seal of Good Fortune T-Shirt with any trouser purchase. $18 bucks otherwise.

Buy Now: $100