Move Over Segway, There's a New Ride in Town

Yike Bike


Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of attempts by inventors to revolutionize the way urban dwellers get from point a to b (think The Segway). The Yike Bike represents the next iteration along these lines and was built to answer four basic questions:

  • What is the simplest way to get from A to B with the aid of a machine?
  • What is the smallest wheel you can have to get a stable, safe, comfortable ride?
  • Can you make something small enough to be able to go with you anywhere in a city?
  • Wonder if we could make a unicycle dramatically easier to ride and fold?

Built from carbon fiber and weighing in at 22 pounds, the Yike Bike is powered by a custom 1kW motor that features a 10km range, a better power to weight ratio than many sports cars, and can be fully recharged in under 30 minutes. In terms of form factor, the Yike Bike operates using an electric chainless drive on its front 20′ hubless wheel. When collapsed, it’s easily carry able in it’s included case and more than capable of going anywhere you can, including cramped elevators.

Topping out at 25 km/hr, also happens to be a much faster solution than walking for everyone besides Usain Bolt, even if it can only barely out race a highly caffeinated 14 year old girl on a razor scooter. Speaking of racing, despite the seemingly precarious position of the rider, this mini me cycle does come equipped with anti-skid brakes, built-in LED indicators, and lights.

Curious to see it action? Watch the video below to get a sense of this Robo-bike in action. If you like what you see the Yike Bike can be yours for a cool $4,500 at the link below. [Via Likecool]

Buy Now: $4,450

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