Don't Get Your Hopes Up, It's Not Infused

Yeyo Tequila

yeyo-tequilaTequila fans take note. Yeyo is a new straight up silver brand made of 100% blue agave grown in Jalisco, Mexico. These plants are cooked in a brick Agave cooker as opposed to aluminum to extract a more natural flavor from the 24 hour process. The firm’s press materials even highlight that classical music is played during the fermenting process causing the bubbles to pop in a consistent way, which subsequently relaxes the Tequila. Maybe that’s just the Yeyo talking though.

Created after an extensive round table “discussion” and evaluation of over 400 different types of Tequila, Yeyo was born to fill a gaping hole all imbibers clearly saw in tequila market..or something like that. Interestingly enough, Yeyo’s young parent company, is also based in the micro brew mecca of Portland Oregon, which is probably the last place we’d imagine a Tequila coming from.

Also despite what you might assume about its suggestive naming, according to the company the name YEYO actually means, “traditional distilling with a modern twist”. Right……..

Packaged in a sleek frosted glass bottle befitting of Yeyo’s ultra premium positioning that turns clear when wet, this 80 proof booze has definitely peaked our interest, and we hope to get our hands, or glasses rather on it soon to review. Unfortunately, any readers not from Oregon will have to wait with us since Yeyo is just starting to roll out plans for national distribution. That is for the liquid tequila verision.

[Via: Drinkhacker]

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