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Dockers Soft Khakis


I don’t exactly know when it happened. No, I don’t mean when the Saints and Colts became viable football powerhouses. What I don’t know is when khakis lost the “ubiquitous pants” battle to denim. In middle and high school, khakis ruled and jeans were trashy or too casual. Then, I woke up one morning and everyone was wearing $200 jeans to dinner, weddings, or even church; khakis were nowhere to be found.

Dockers is trying to change that and, with super-comfortable fabrics, modern cuts and colors, as well as great Super Bowl commercials, they are making a damn good case. Recently, I tried a pair of Dockers Soft Khaki Pants, in a classic fit, which I frankly thought would be bust, simply because I prefer the straight fit, and it wasn’t available at that time. Admittedly, they were bigger than my de facto slim-jeans but the Dockers Soft Khaki Pants proved to be so comfortable my legs begged me to keep them on. I obliged.

I wore the Soft Khakis to dinner with friends and later that night to get drinks. Yes, there were a few compliments along the way, but more importantly, I was very comfortable. There’s something to be said about the timeless color of khaki teamed with a button down, skinny tie, and Chuck Taylors that makes a guy feel relevant and safe but not boring. Next time your pants options are limited to dark or light denim (you know who you are), strongly consider taking a look at Docker’s khakis, which are available in slim, classic, relaxed, soft, or military styles all in distinct colorways such as Lotus Green or Ocean Spray. At a price range of $30-$70, it might even be in your budget to pick up a couple pairs. Do, and if you don’t believe us, note that Esquire named them the #1 Style Resolution for 2010… and we trust those guys.

Buy Now: $30-$70