Samsung's Most Advanced Blu-ray Player for 2010

Samsung 3D BD-C6900 Blu-ray Player


Looking for a Blu-ray player to pair up with your latest 3D TV acquisition? Then you can’t go wrong with the Samsung 3D BD-C6900. Standing at the top of Samsung’s new 2010 Blu-ray player line, it’s compatible with both standard displays and the company’s latest 3D sets, implying that you could still use it for excellent standard Blu-ray playback, even if you’re holding back from upgrading your TV to the three dimension experience.

It also features 1GB of integrated memory, DLNA streaming capabilities for sharing content between things like your PC or Playstation 3, and a slew of web-connected Samsung apps like Netflix, Blockbuster new movies releases, and Pandora. Sick of viewing those black bars on older discs and non-wide screen content? This Blu-ray player sports 21:9 to 16:9 content conversion for a full screen experience, and upscales to 1080p to boot. The press release promises 2D to 3D upconversion as well, but we won’t speculate on how effective this is until we see it for ourselves. On sale now at Amazon, snag one today if you’re the early adopter type. Irritatingly enough, though, 3D glasses are sold separately.

[Via Engadget]

Buy Now: $499