This Crowd-Pleasing Koozie Keeps Your Drinks Quite Cozy

Six Pack Tote by Built NY


In case you haven’t heard, neoprene is not just for wetsuits anymore. The soft, stretchy material has a variety of uses thanks to its bevy of benefit and it would seem that the folks at Built NY have mastered them all. They design and sell totes to, well, tote just about anything, all in a variety of inspired colors and patterns.

Since we understand that the primary need when transporting cold beer or other canned/bottled beverages is to keep it just that (cold), Built’s Six Pack Tote seemed a godsend to us. The fold-flat design will keep your refreshments chilly for up to four hours when loaded up and there’s no question that it’s a far superior option to a brown bag. Available in black, red, and sometimes camo, you won’t have to ask us twice to employ this product frequently.

Buy Now: $23