A Step Up in Healthy Living

MBT Kimondo Chime


Quick-fix fitness solutions are nothing new for men. We’ve all seen “miracle” diet pills and ab belts that “do the work for you”. If you’ve ever invested in those types of solutions, then you have undoubtedly learned the hard way that getting fit, being active, and staying healthy takes work. While MTB Shoes may be perceived as just another snake oil cure, we’ve tested them, on both men and women, and frankly we’re standing behind them. And standing with better posture to boot.

For those not familiar with MBT shoes, they create instability by using a rounded sole that simulates something like walking on sand. The idea is to engage muscles and joints in a more natural way. Many athletes train in bare feet looking for a similar feeling. In fact, Super Bowl MVP and Champion Drew Brees trained in a pair prior to last season. For a visual tour of all of the MBT’s benefits check out their website here. We’ve talked before about the benefits of stability training and it has taken hold in all manor of products. The MBT is a solution that can work for you whether you are at the gym, simply running errands or playing with your kids. They won’t do they work for you, but are so seamless incorporated into your everyday life that you can’t help but see and feel results without devoting more of your precious time to training.


MBT offers shoe options ranging from athletic, to professional, to casual. They certainly have enough offerings to cover your activities over the course of a day or week. We took a pair of Kimondo Chime for a test drive over the past several weeks and have been pleasantly surprised at how easy (relatively speaking of course) and comfortable they are. The soles are extremely cushioning and supportive, which helps your body while it acts to stabilize with each step. As for walking, we only needed a few minutes to master the step and we were off. I actually found myself running more errands around the neighborhood just to sneak in a few more minutes with them. By the end of the first day, I could feel the work that had been done, but not in a drained post-workout way. Even my wife got into the act and found that here knees and lower back felt better after a day of teaching in MBTs than with her normal footwear.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet or on the go, incorporating a pair of MBT shoes is a great first step towards a healthier lifestyle. They won’t come cheep, and there are several imitations on the market at a lower price, but we chose to feature the MBTs for their excellence in design and the depth of scientific research that went into their development. At Gear Patrol we demand getting what we paid for. And we got exactly that.

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