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Cheap Monday Night Watch Sunglasses


Swedish brand Cheap Monday consistently releases great style-oriented clothes and accessories that everyone can afford to pick up on a whim, and these newly released Night Watch sunglasses are no exception. Part of the brand’s new Clairvoyant Collection, the Night Watch frame mimics the same classic look of the Rayban Wayfarer with some slightly harder edges and featuring Cheap Monday’s trademark Skull emblem that gives them a unique appeal. Better yet, these shades cost less than $30.

However, as with many good things, there’s a catch. Since Cheap Monday is made and sold in Sweden, finding them stateside isn’t the easiest thing to do. We did locate an online dealer with pairs in stock, but you’ll have to tack on international shipping charges to call them your own. Sold in Black and Dark blue options as well.

Buy Now: $27

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