Friendlier Than Your Ghostly Pal

Eureka! Casper Mummy Sleeping Bag


Recently, I accepted a job as a camp counselor and quickly realized that I needed a new sleeping bag. While my L.L. Bean bag has served me well in the past, it was too heavy and thick for my needs in the warmer months. I started searching for a lightweight alternative and came across the Eureka! Casper Mummy Bag. After testing this bag for two nights, I’m glad to say I picked a winner.

The Casper Sleeping Bag by Eureka! is incredibly well-built and is designed with the user (or sleeper) in mind. Despite its lightweight construction, it can withstand temperatures down to 15 degrees.

The Casper has features commonly found in contemporaries including as a snag-free self repairing zipper and a “bag within a bag” design. Along with these, it features an internal pocket for stashing cell phones, iPods, and other gear a camper wouldn’t want a small woodland creature to nab during the night. The foot area of the bag is also slightly larger than the leg area of the bag to “let the feet fall into their natural position while sleeping” and a flap that runs alongside the interior of the bag acts as a curtain between the bag and zipper to prevent warm air from escaping.

After sleeping in this bag for two nights now, I can attest that every feature that sets this bag apart from it’s rivals lives up or exceeds expectations. While I did not test the bag’s temperature rating, I did turn my fan on high and still slept comfortably despite the simulated arctic blast. Of final note is the price. Considering how impressively the Casper performs, it’s all out affordability is just icing on the comfortable cake.

Buy Now: $65