Super Charged, Super Long

TaylorMade R9 SuperTri Driver


Unsheathing a driver always triggers a little excitement, no matter how many times I’ve done it. It’s the anticipation that something spectacular could happen. The fact that it could be good or bad only adds to the rush. But I don’t worry so much about the bad these days. What I didn’t mention was that I’ve been tearing the cover off the ball with Taylormade Golf’s new R9 SuperTri driver. And in this case, a little malice goes a long way. A really long way.

Leave it to TaylorMade to give you the cake and let you eat it too. Last year’s models of the R9 came with a choice. Movable Weight Technology, a smaller head and more control or a 460cc version sans weights for those that wanted to swing for he fences. Each came with an adjustable shaft and Flight Control Technology. We reviewed both and frankly couldn’t decide. Now we don’t have to. The next iteration in the R9, fittingly enough called the SuperTri, has found a way to pack in three movable weights into a 460 cc head that sits on an adjustable shaft allowing for 24 different weight/face angle setting. While the spec sheet is eye catching, the club has one more jolt up it’s sleeve. It’s the most badass looking driver we have ever seen.


With a black head and face, the R9 SuperTri looks like the offspring of Knight Rider and a black widow spider. With white fangs gleaning down the under belling of this beast, golf balls are being moved onto the endanger species list. Some may not like the black finish, but we couldn’t be happier with the look. Even at the set-up position, the club radiates confidence.

As with previous lines from the TaylorMade “R” family, you can set up the club to your exact specifications to help move the ball around in both directions or simply help keep it in play.


Every club manufacturers talks about more distance and all the ways they engineer that to happen. It should come with a word of caution. Swinging faster leaves less room for error. I’ve always favored the side of caution and gone with a slightly short driver than the old standard of 45″. All I can say for the R9 SuperTri is that I was hitting the ball further than my r7 which I expected with a longer (extra 1.25″), lighter (nearly 15 grams), and faster club (5 mph). What I didn’t expect was that it was noticeably more accurate. It’s a euphoric combination. I found that knowing that I didn’t need to murder the ball to bomb one is a great feeling and frees you up to make a fluid swing. And since the club is so light it all just seems to flow from start to finish. It doesn’t hurt that it has an amazing forgiving face.

You can say goodbye to pulling a 3-wood on the tee. Golf balls, you’ve been warned.


Buy Now: $399