What Sore Muscles Knead

The Grid Foam Roller


There are plenty of good reasons to incorporate a foam roller into your workout or post-workout regimen, particularly when the roller you choose is as durable and full-featured as The Grid from Trigger Point Therapy. Offered in both orange and black (without hesitation, we chose orange), The Grid is designed to stand up to daily use as a self-sports massage aid or a workout tool. The basic idea is to ply your muscles over The Grid’s surface, using your body weight to enhance the intensity of the effect.

The Grid offers three distinct surface zones designed to simulate a variety of massage activities. These Distrodensity Zones as they are called, offer resistance that feels like a forearm or palm, fingertips, and fingers and thumbs, respectively. This is all designed to facilitate a variety of massage techniques including Myofacial release, breaking up trigger points, and soothing tight muscles. Additionally, Trigger Point offers workout DVDs for improving core strength and flexibility by using The Grid. All in all, we’re impressed by The Grid’s construction and multiple benefits, as adding variety to your physical routine is always a good thing. Especially when it comes in orange.

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