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Bell Sweep Bike Helmet


By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Sandy Bandu

With winter coming to a close, it’s finally time to remember what it’s like to get outside. In terms of warm weather recreation, cycling is probably the most versatile and enjoyable way to celebrate this time of year. So, whether you’re going out to hit some single track trails on your mountain bike, gearing up for some road races, or attempting city trial riding in an effort to become next Danny MacAskill, plan ahead and get a helmet that has been acclaimed for all the various levels of riding.

Bell, in general, is certainly well-known for crafting excellent helmets, but Bell’s Sweep helmet is a top of the line option that won’t cost you more than your outfit. Featuring a feather-light feel and maximum ventilation, you’ll hardly even notice the 280 gram piece of gear that covers your head. Twenty well-placed vents are made to draw in wind while aerodynamically keep you moving at highly-effective speeds. More importantly, despite these incredible features, the Sweep sports Fusion In-Mold Microshell technology and includes internal skeleton reinforcement, which allows for shock to be absorbed by the helmet and not your precious noggin. Designed to protect you in the worst of crashes while keeping your overall riding weight low, the Sweep comes in a variety of colors and designs to make you look good too. So, if you’re planning on riding this season, do yourself and your wallet a favor and invest in this helmet.

Buy Now: $140