Beijing Style You Can Now Call Your Own

Warrior Footwear Classics


Since 1935, Warrior Footwear has been a household name in China. Known as one of the original sporting shoe brands for Chinese athletes, not much has changed with these shoes despite the years that have passed, except that American’s now too have the chance to call a pair their own. That’s because two American exchange students studying in China had the sense to bring these novel sneakers back to our shores, to compete in the mix of basic flat bottom street kicks currently dominated by Converse and Vans. So when we got word of Warrior’s becoming available in the U.S., we had to snag a pair to see for ourselves just what it was about this brand that inspired the love of countless people overseas.

Designed to be unisex, the current Warrior line consists of four different models that are all comprised of lightweight canvas uppers with flexible rubber soles. For our review, we spent the last month walking around in the Classic model in red/white shown above. Right out of the box we could appreciate this shoe’s distinctive looks from the side thanks to the beaming red strips. Under jeans, this flash of red definitely caught the attention of others as we walked, especially in comparison to the sea of strictly white shoes with similar silhouette’s tramping NYC’s sidewalks.

In terms of comfort, the Warrior’s felt fine for the most part even throughout an entire day of heavy walking. However at the tail end we did begin to notice that the narrow toe of the shoes gave our digits a slightly cramped feeling. This is typical though of similarly shaped shoes though, and to combat this, we recommend you buy a pair that is a half size larger for added comfort should your feet stay wide to the tips.

Overall though we couldn’t have been more pleased to add a pair of these Chinese classics to our footwear collection. Comfortable enough to walk around on a day of errands, and stylish enough to head straight to the bar with afterwords, they are welcome change that sit snuggly in their own niche between: Onitsuka Tigers, PF Flyers, Chuck Taylors, Jack Purcell’s, and Feiyue. So if your the type to dig something different when it comes to your shoes, look no further than Warrior.

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