Cut the Bulk, Keep the Sound

Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-50


Some folks hate fat people and others hate fat speakers, particularly when they happen to get cozy to über-slim televisions like the Samsung 9000 series. That’s why Definitive Technology (affectionately known as Dev Tech by home theater nerds) felt it was critical to develop the Mythos XTR-50 high performance home theater speaker. Measuring just 1.5″thick, they’re specifically built to compliment those glorious wall mounted glass monuments to entertainment that every dude loves. Better yet, Dev Tech has managed to mitigate the negative impact that thinner speaker designs normally have on sound quality.

According to the press release, leaping this hurdle was achieved through the use of aluminum dome speakers as opposed to traditional units which move air through paper, woven fiber, or plastic diaphragms. Similarly, the Mythos XTR-50’s cabinets are also comprised of aluminum reinforced stiffening ribs as opposed to traditional wood, maintaining their light weight for wall mounting as well as reducing thickness. Outside of their emaciated profile, these speakers measure 27 inches high by 6 inches wide, meaning they’ll look best besides TV’s measuring anywhere from 46 to 55 inches. However if wall mounting isn’t in the cards, each ships with a stand for vertical tabletop use or horizontal shelf placement as well. Selected as as the International Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) Design and Engineering Best of Innovations of 2010 award, rest assured these speakers are the real deal. That’s why they cost $700 a pop.

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