Say Hello To Your iPhone's 2nd Line

Toktumi Line2 iPhone App


Line2 by Toktumi (pr. talk to me) does exactly what you’d think it would: it enables your iPhone with second line over 3G, cell, and Wi-Fi. But that’s far from the full story. Beyond a second line, it enables your iPhone (or iPod Touch via Wi-Fi) to find the cheapest way to make a call. Line2 takes the best of Skype and Google Voice, but adds in features like call waiting, call hold, call transfer, call conferencing up to 20 people, and a very trick feature: seamless switching between 3G and Wi-Fi.

Unlike other VoIP apps, calls won’t be dropped when you receive a standard iPhone call, you simply dismiss the incoming call to voicemail and Line2 will restore the original call and you’ll still be connected. Line2 also integrates with where you can setup professional services like caller-specific fowarding, selective caller blocking (I can think of a few good reason for this…), an auto attendant (“Press 1 for Moviefone”, “Press 2 for Ethan”, “Press 3 if you’re my ex…”), simul-ring services, and the super convenient voicemail by email.

As you’d expect, setting up a second line is simple, you can choose a local, 800, or port over existing numbers. Line2 is essentially an entire centralized phone system for one well-priced monthly cost ($15 after the first 30 days). If you need Line2 for just a month a time, 30 day apps for $20 are also available.

Author’s Note: SMS texting isn’t available but will be supported in the upcoming version and beware international data usage. Otherwise, say hello to your new voicemail assistant.

Buy Now: $1 (30-day free trial, $15 thereafter)