Slammin' Bass and Takin' Calls

V-MODA Remix Remote Headphones


The new Remix Remote Headphones (a href=””>$100) by V-MODA bring two much needed features to their already popular headphone line-up. Volume & play/pause controls and an omnidirectional microphone. Simple, but convenient features if you use your iPhone or iPod on the go, especially when rummaging in your pocket is not only inconvenient and puts you at risk of embarrassing yourself in front of someone of the fairer sex. All-metal design, three-button remote with mic, newly developed 9mm V-MASQUE neodymium dynamic drivers co-developed with musicians and DJ’s (5Hz-24kHz), BEAT-PORT air flow system for a higher definition sound stage, Kevlar reinforced headphone cable, and noise-isolating medical-grade soft silicone ear fittings round out the features.

V-MODA doesn’t skip out in the accessories department either. Four different sizes of ear fittings, detachable sport earhooks, 2 year warranty, 50%-off lifetime no-questions-asked replacement discount, and a black carrying pouch are also included. (17 grams)

Author’s Note: V-MODA’s reputation for quality sound (and stron bass) are definitely in full representation with the Remix Remotes. You can also use these with any 2009 and onwards Mac for Skype and iChat calls.

Buy Now: $100