Get Your Sports Drink On, Minus the Bottles and Sugars

Nuun Active Hydration Tablets


Staying properly hydrated while engaging in any athletic activity is critical for performing at your peak. As sport drink brands such as Gatorade and Powerade are happy to point out though, drinking plain water alone fails to restore essential salts and electrolytes your body hemorrhages while sweating. What they don’t like to highlight is that both ubiquitious sport beverages contain a ton of unnecessary sugars to help make chugging them appeal to a wider market. Serious athletes though looking to ditch the calories while keeping the hydration benefits should check out Nuun tablets ($18) (pronounced “Nuun”).

Developed by a student and Professor from Dartmouth’s Tuck school of business in response to the need for a light weight, easy to carry electrolyte solution for keeping hydrated in remote environments, Nuun is an all in one fast dissolving tablet that replenishes everything your body losses without unnecessary carbs. Sold in a variety of flavors that have a subtle taste that won’t overwhelm water’s naturally refreshing qualities, one tablet is good for amping up 500ml of water. That means carrying one tube is good for making 12 bottles of electrolyte infused water, which makes it perfect for camping, biking, or any other activity where weight and portability are a factor.

Buy Now: $18 (4 Tube Pack)